A One Day
Group Coaching Program for Business Owners
via Zoom

  Are you working non-stop trying to make more money?

Do you use your business bank account for personal purchase because you're unsure how much you can pay yourself?

You worry about taxes and how much to save or how much you’ll owe.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your money/cash flow situation?  
 Learn the simple steps to building your profit & cash flow roadmap in this group coaching program. 
Your roadmap to profitability and greater feelings of confidence and financial stability starts now!
Thursday,  August 29th
10:00 AM Pacific Time
12:00 PM Central Time
1:00 PM Eastern Time
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The stress and hustle of survival mode can come from a lack of data.

Not knowing what to do next to balance your cash flow. 
Thursday, August 29th
10a-12p Training Session #1 via Zoom

12p-2p Break
2p-4p Training Session #2 via Zoom

Training held in Pacific Standard Time

Sessions are recorded for later viewing if you can't attend the live training.

You’re incredible at what you do.
Your clients tell you how much they appreciate you.

Imagine if instead you could…
  • Look at your money with less stress!
  • Learn how to pay yourself regularly  EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.
  • Feel confident about your money situation
  • Have a system in place for every dollar that comes in
  • Eliminate debt systematically
  • Build an emergency savings for your business
  • Improve your profits immediately
  • Stop running your business check-to-check FOR GOOD! 
  • Simplify your financial decision making processes
  • Scale your business faster, and profitably at the same time
Thursday, August 29th
10a-12p Training Session #1 via Zoom

12p-2p Break
2p-4p Training Session #2 via Zoom

Training held in Pacific Standard Time

Sessions are recorded for later viewing if you can't attend the live training.
Approximately 20% of small businesses fail within the first year.
About 30% of businesses will have failed by the end of the second year.
About 50%
will have failed by the end of the fifth year.
And by the end of a decade, only 30% of businesses will remain — a 70% failure rate.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reported by Fundera,
The #1 reason small businesses fail is cash flow problems and lack of financial management.  
This interactive program is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who realize there has to be a better way to handle their money and who are ready to take action NOW.  It’s action packed, quick paced and it’s time to make a change!
“This past year my husband and I completed a 12 week money coaching session with Summer and it was transformative! Summer was so helpful with regards to goal setting and creating action steps towards our own personal life goals. She spent time really getting to know us and delivered very skillful and effective advice. I looked forward to meeting with Summer every session! The plan we created with her and started implementing has greatly decreased my anxiety around money decisions and has brought us to a whole new level of financial confidence.”
Sarah R. of Sebastopol, CA

Hi, I’m Summer Morris.

I help entrepreneurs improve profitability through better money management, financial literacy, and accountability.

I’m A CPA with over 25 years of experience serving franchise business owners, law firms, service-based businesses, and construction.

I'm also a QuickBooks Online expert,
Dave Ramsey Certified financial coach,
& have been certified in the Profit First cash flow model since 2016.

I can help you swap your money worries for wealth building using modern tools and classic techniques.
“Summer does what she does out of love and that is obvious. She treated me like an associate, not a sales ticket. She is authentic, genuine and sincere.”
Sandra V.

This program is for
you if you….

  • Love what you do but feel buried by all the financial stuff
  • Have your personal and business money mixed together
  • Don’t take home as much money as you deserve
  • Pay your employees more than you pay yourself
  • Constantly worry about taxes, how much to save, what you’ll owe and where to find it
“Summer is an excellent coach. She is attentive, probing with her questions, holds no punches when it comes to accountability and she brings fun and lightness to some challenging issues.

She is empathetic and you get the sense she has taken the same road as you at one time. That is what makes her such a good listener. I am glad I journeyed through with her. She has helped me change my attitude for growth. She helped me and I would do it again.”

Damilia L. of Healdsburg, CA
What’s included:
Two 2-hour sessions live in Zoom (recorded)*

Intro to Steady Profits & Consistent Cash Flow Workbook (.pdf download)

BONUS Access to member-only tools and resources

BONUS Franchise Business Owner's Guide to Steady Profits & Consistent Cash Flow

*Replay access to those who are registered will be provided.
Total value?  $3,000
Today's price is $347!
It's time to start improving your profits and paying yourself first.
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Individual results vary by client’s goals, intensity, core values and income.
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