PROFITS & CONSISTENT CASH FLOW A 6 Week Course for Franchise Business Owners
Using Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
Learn the simple steps to building
your profit & cash flow roadmap
n this introductory &
interactive workshop.
Your roadmap to profitability and greater feelings of confidence and financial stability starts now!

The stress and hustle of survival mode can come from a lack of data.

Not knowing what to do next to balance your cash flow. 
Limited to 30 attendees!
When & Where

Wednesday Training: Dates February 2, 9, 16 , 23, 2022
March 2,9, 2022
1 pm-2:30pm Pacific Time

Friday “Office Hours” 1 pm-2 pm Pacific Time
Dates February 4, 11, 18 , 25, 2022
March 4,11, 2022

You’re incredible at what you do.
Your clients tell you how much they appreciate you.

So why does business feel so complicated?  Why are you stressed about money so often? Or feel like you’re barely surviving an impossible cash flow tidal wave…up one moment with sales and down the next with bills and expenses to pay?
If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you probably can relate to these:
  • You’re unsure how much you can pay yourself, so you just don’t. Instead, you end up using your business bank account for personal purchases.
  • You feel embarrassed (or ashamed) because you think you should understand business finances or your money situation better than you do.
  • You worry about taxes, and never feel confident in how much to save or how much you’ll owe.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the thought of simply facing your business finances, and money situation, so you sometimes avoid looking at your bank account altogether.
  • You’re working non-stop in survival mode trying to figure out how to increase sales and make more money, so you can cover your expenses and keep some for you. 
  • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, like you need an accounting degree to understand your cash flow and how to do better.
  • Your business has taken over your personal life and there's no more time for your hobbies. And this sucks!
Imagine if instead you could…
  • Look at your money with less stress!
  • Learn how to pay yourself regularly  EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.
  • Feel confident about your money situation
  • Have a system in place for every dollar that comes in
  • Eliminate debt systematically
  • Build an emergency savings for your business
  • Improve your profits immediately
  • Stop running your business check-to-check FOR GOOD! 
  • Simplify your financial decision making processes
  • Focus on the parts of the business you enjoy the most
  • Scale your business faster, and profitably at the same time
When & Where

Wednesday Training: Dates February 2, 9, 16 , 23, 2022
March 2,9, 2022
1 pm-2:30pm Pacific Time

Friday “Office Hours” 1 pm-2 pm Pacific Time
Dates February 4, 11, 18 , 25, 2022
March 4,11, 2022
Approximately 20% of small businesses fail within the first year.
About 30% of businesses will have failed by the end of the second year.
About 50%
will have failed by the end of the fifth year.
And by the end of a decade, only 30% of businesses will remain — a 70% failure rate.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reported by Fundera,
The #1 reason small businesses fail is cash flow problems and lack of financial management.  
This interactive workshop is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who realize there has to be a better way to handle their money and who are ready to take action NOW.  It’s action packed, quick paced and it’s time to make a change!
“This past year my husband and I completed a 12 week money coaching session with Summer and it was transformative! Summer was so helpful with regards to goal setting and creating action steps towards our own personal life goals. She spent time really getting to know us and delivered very skillful and effective advice. I looked forward to meeting with Summer every session! The plan we created with her and started implementing has greatly decreased my anxiety around money decisions and has brought us to a whole new level of financial confidence.”
Sarah R. of Sebastopol, CA

Hi, I’m Summer Morris.

I help entrepreneurs improve profitability through better money management, financial literacy, and accountability.

I’m A CPA that left the corporate accounting cubicle after 20 years of service
(I knew there was more to life!). I'm also a
QuickBooks Online expert,
Certified Profit First Professional,
Dave Ramsey Certified financial coach,
& Certified Fix This Next advisor.

I can help you swap your money worries for wealth building using modern tools and classic techniques.
“Summer does what she does out of love and that is obvious. She treated me like an associate, not a sales ticket. She is authentic, genuine and sincere.”
Sandra V.

This program is for
you if you….

  • Love what you do but feel buried by all the financial stuff
  • Read ‘Profit First’ and liked the concept but feel overwhelmed by it, or unsure how to customize it for your business
  • Have your personal and business money mixed together
  • Don’t take home as much money as you deserve
  • Pay your employees more than you pay yourself
  • Constantly worry about taxes, how much to save, what you’ll owe and where to find it
“Summer is an excellent coach. She is attentive, probing with her questions, holds no punches when it comes to accountability and she brings fun and lightness to some challenging issues.

She is empathetic and you get the sense she has taken the same road as you at one time. That is what makes her such a good listener. I am glad I journeyed through with her. She has helped me change my attitude for growth. She helped me and I would do it again.”

Damilia L. of Healdsburg, CA
What’s included:
  • 3 hour workshop on Oct. 21st
  • BONUS session with Q&A on Oct. 28th
  • Intro to Steady Profits & Consistent Cash Flow Workbook (.pdf download)
  • BONUS tools and resources
  • Recordings of both workshops for 60 days after the training ends
  • Access to private Facebook community
Total value?  $3,000
Today's price is $600!
It's time to start improving your profits and paying yourself first.
Unasked Questions
What is Profit First?
Profit First is a simple and yet incredibly effective cash flow strategy that will transform your business from a cash eating monster into a money making machine. Written by Mike Michalowicz, the system explains why the GAAP accounting method is contrary to human nature, and traps entrepreneurs in the day to day and check-to-check cycle struggle to survive. You will quickly learn the importance of taking your profit first, without compromising your business, and why the Profit First Formula of Sales – Profit = Expenses actually forces innovation, supports sustained growth and skyrockets profits.

While you’ll receive the most benefit and simplicity from having up-to-date books for at least 6 months or prior years, anyone who has a desire to improve their business finances can do this program and will benefit from it! Simply getting the system started and implemented will have drastic effects on your business, your money and your life.
Necessary, no, but will it simplify your life as you grow? YOU BET! There’s no better time than starting out to get things in order and ready for growth. In fact, now is the time to get your systems in place, so growth is simple and natural!
A few things to note: This is an introductory course with a smaller timeframe and financial commitment, than working 1:1. My 1:1 coaching is typically a 1 year engagement with 4 months being the very minimum. 1:1 coaching also goes beyond Profit First into other financial areas and details of your business and topics can range and vary widely. This is a great starter course to introduce you to coaching. You can still move into the longer group bootcamps and 1:1 coaching afterward and we can focus on the financials and growth of your business from there.
YES! You can and you should! We’ll talk about debt eliminating strategies using Profit First so that you can maximize your revenue!
First, congratulations for taking the bull by the horns and taking charge of your finances! You’re already a Rockstar! While I certainly can’t promise you anything, I will tell you with the utmost confidence, that you’ll find some areas in which you can improve the system you’ve already started, gain a lot of value and insight from the advanced strategies and Q&A alone to be worth the investment.
Individual results vary by client’s goals, intensity, core values and income.
If you’re still unsure if this program is the right fit for you,
email your unanswered questions t
o hello *at*