Income Tax Filing Deadlines Extended for California Wildfires

Poster depicting forest fire, vector illustration of purple plane trying to put out burning trees and grass against light brown background

Hey you – If you haven’t filed your 2019 Federal tax return, the deadline (previously extended due to COVID-19) has now been extended to December 15th due to the wildfires.

For the areas covered and other affected tax return info here is the IRS News Release.

The Four Walls Budget

2020 has been a year of mass transformation and one worthy of its own chapter in history books. Some would say a scary world. From mass layoffs, to thriving businesses shutting their doors, to kids home in Zoom school with parents juggling it all.

What if your income dropping is added to this list?

Then it’s time to glance at an image that makes you smile and begin to create your Four Walls budget.

If you can’t pay all your bills and are having a hard time making ends meet, these Four Walls should be what you spend your money on first (and in this order):

* Food
* Utilities
* Shelter
* Transportation

First things first: food. You want to ensure your family has food in their bellies. Then, keep the lights on, your water running and then a roof over your head.

And last, transportation to get to work. In you live in big city, using public transportation might be a good option.

Need help making a budget? Or want to take control of your money, instead of wondering where it all went?

Book your free money coaching session today so you can begin to transform your relationship with money. YOU get to choose how you finish this 2020.