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Budgeting For 2021

The financial planning process for 2021 presents an opportunity to turn the hard-earned lessons we’ve learned during the current pandemic into exercises and thought work that link your strategy to value. It’s about going beyond the traditional way of setting quarterly and annual goals. Going beyond the business-as-usual budgeting and goal setting process where traditional […]

Retirement Tips by Age

In your 20s: Start dreaming early about what you want out of life and how you’re going to pay for it. Put compound interest to work. I think of compound interest like a couple of bunnies. Where two bunnies become three bunnies, then five bunnies…then thirty bunnies and beyond! In your 30s: Increase the amount […]


When you think of your retirement, do you envision yourself with a book in the backyard, or traveling the world? Or do retirement thoughts leave you feeling anxious and avoidant because you don’t know WHAT you’ll do or HOW you’re going to pay for it all? Either way, it’s not going to be your parents’ […]

Credit Reports – Debt

A client of mine received a call from a credit clean-up agency. For $1,500 the agency said they’d remove hard inquiries from her credit reports and other things to help boost her credit score. I said save your money. I’ll guide you on how you can clean up anything that can be remedied. Per Experian, […]

The Four Walls Budget

2020 has been a year of mass transformation and one worthy of its own chapter in history books. Some would say a scary world. From mass layoffs, to thriving businesses shutting their doors, to kids home in Zoom school with parents juggling it all. What if your income dropping is added to this list? Then […]