Senior Woman Retirement Hammock

When you think of your retirement, do you envision yourself with a book in the backyard, or traveling the world?

Or do retirement thoughts leave you feeling anxious and avoidant because you don’t know WHAT you’ll do or HOW you’re going to pay for it all?

Either way, it’s not going to be your parents’ or grandparents’ retirement…

For prior generations, many workers were rewarded at age 65 with a gold watch, a guaranteed pension and health insurance for life. For life!

Many Americans today are seeing retirement as a big, fat mystery. And not the binge-watching Netflix type.

Those earlier generations could rely on employer-provided pensions. But many hard workers now are left to figure retirement out on their own. And without thorough guidance.

Now seriously, how many of us REALLY want to dive into something we feel little or no confidence doing right? I’m certainly not going to open the hood of my car and start rebuilding the engine!

Today’s workers are dependent on self-directed and scaled down employee retirement accounts, personal savings and Social Security benefits.

Our retirement savings also needs to last longer because many of us are living longer. Life expectantly in 1970 was 70.81 years. Today many of us are living into our eighties and nineties.

But don’t give up hope yet!

Even if you’re 40 years old and don’t have anything saved for retirement, it’s still possible to reach a $1 million retirement goal.

And it might be easier than you think.

It starts with saving $800 per month. Now if that number makes your eyes get wide keep reading…

When you have a personalized plan for your money you can gain both clarity and confidence to find your monthly $800 investment payment.

The current action to help protect your future you.

Your personalized plan can also highlight if additional income in needed to meet your goals, and how to go about achieving this.

You don’t have to struggle through this alone anymore.

I can help you.

Schedule your free money breakthrough session today and get one step closer to having a plan for your money and confidence in knowing what to do next.

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